Newsletter August 2013

Recent Projects

Waterfall/stream about 16′ long into a pond-less reservoir. This client asked for a gentle stream/waterfall into a pond-less reservoir that would allow the birds in their garden to bathe. We built a very natural looking stream that ran under a bridge in their garden.


Another recent project. This client asked for a more modern interpretation of the natural basalt column water feature we’ve been doing for some time. The columns were core drilled and cut top and bottom to varying heights. Polished larger flat “steppers” were placed on top of the columns and created a very lovely look.


Another recent project. This client asked us to re-do their existing water feature. We removed the old water feature and corrected the edge and dug the sides properly. New underlayment and liner were installed, a new skimmer, an up-flow biological filter, and a new pump were installed. We built them a new small “double drop” waterfall.

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