Newsletter September 2013

What’s New

glass_bulbsThis is the month of sales! Are there purchases for your pond or garden you’ve been wanting to make but been putting off? Now is the time! Mention that you saw the following deals in our newsletter to receive the discount.

Bead Filters are 15% off!
This type of pond filter has been designed specifically for the Koi keeping industry and to handle large volumes of metabolic waste and water found in large Koi ponds. They utilize a biological bead filter media which has a very high specific surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize on. This type of filtration is invaluable when keeping koi.

Cool Season Fish Food is 15% off!
Are you aware that fish require different foods between summer and winter? When your pond’s water temperature drops below 65 degrees it is time to feed your fish Cool Season Food. Once water temperature drops below 50 degrees, fish do not digest their food as easily. Food decays in their system and begins to send bacteria into their blood stream. Once the temperature falls below 50°, feeding should stop altogether. Do you need a hydro-thermometer and proper food? Come see us in Monroe.

classicAll UV Sterilizers are 15% off!
Why do you want a UV Sterilizer? If you are serious about keeping a clean environment for your fish, UV Sterilization is critical. Algae blooms cause green water, and if not controlled can eventually take over your water, leaving you with an unattractive “pea soup”. The lack of oxygen in this kind of water can lead to dead fish! Come in and get 15% off a UV unit through the month of September.

lily (1)Last Months Events were a hit.

Thanks to all who attended. We hope to continue to add garden-centered special events for the community to enjoy. Things are going on again this month. Details are on the next page.

Free Classes continue at FWG

This month we’ll continue to offer our most popular free courses. We’ll also keep on with the course that debuted last month, Rain Garden and BogsWe have over 15 years experience designing and installing gardens and over 30 years combined experience in pond installations. Instead of starting a project and making your own mistakes, how about learning from ours? Learn how to do it right the first time. Check out one of our classes!

Be advised that September is the last month we will be holding classes for the 2013 season! See the schedule for September here.

fishy_fish_en_portAnd The Fish Sale Continues!

All this month fish will be on sale, Buy 2 and get 1 free! We still have a number of beautiful specimen.

We typically hold fish sales toward the end of the season. Why? Our power can fail a couple times per winter and that would equal many dead fish.

per_1per_9per_8per_5per_4per_2We’re having a Blow-Out Plant Sale! 

Buy 1 Get 1 Free on All Perennials. Mix and match even! We still have a wide selection of plants waiting to grace your garden.

Fall is on its way, and it’s a fantastic time to plant in the garden. Perennials and trees thrive when planted in the fall. Our mild and wet winters promote initial growth in plant material, which equates to BIG plants in the spring.

fall_decorFall Decor

Our gift shop is beginning to turn over to fall mode. There’s great merchandise arriving every day. In the Halloween department we have some spooky skulls, jack-o-lanterns and witches. If you’re thinking of something more on the Thanksgiving side we’ve got a variety of different turkeys and pumpkins with real personality. Come check ’em out!

snapLights, Camera, ACTION!

We’ve recently acquired a fairly nice HD video camera. You may look forward to many new how-to videos –  and in fantastic High Definition quality! We’re self taught but it takes a team. Rick and Lauren story-board as well as speak (act). Earl shoots and edits the video. Ken is very good at directing.

Please note that we’ve updated our newsletter format. You may navigate through this newsletter by clicking on the page numbers below.