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Falling Water Gardens has everything you need for your pond from fish, aquatic plants, to liner, pumps and other pond supplies for your need. Plus a wide variety of shrubs, perennials, annuals and even art for your garden.

We’re a full-service garden center and aquatic nursery that grew out of the award winning landscape design and build company Falling Water Designs of Seattle. Located in Monroe, Washington, our property is home to numerous display water features and gardens to provide the do-it-yourselfers with inspiration for their own spaces. Falling Water Garden’s goal is to help you create your escape.


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Our water temperature in Monroe, WA is around 70 degrees. You can now feed summer season fish food.

There’s a little more going on each day!

Discover what we have to offer. Come see how the different projects are evolving and learn what it takes to start your own! Or are you looking for our Seattle landscape division, Falling Water Designs?

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Open Daily from 10am to 6pm