Classes at Falling Water Gardens

lotusWe have over 15 years experience designing and installing gardens and over 30 years combined experience in pond installations. Instead of starting a project and making your own mistakes, how about learning from ours? Learn how to do it right the first time. Check out one of our classes!

All our classes are free of charge. We cover a multitude of topics throughout the season. Please check back often for any changes.

The following pond and garden classes rotate throughout the season.

Please see our calendar for times and dates.

Pots, Bubblers and Spitters

Are you interested in a water feature but short on space? Looking for a less expensive water feature? Perhaps you’re not interested in the naturalistic pond style and prefer something a little more modern. Bubbling pots and spitters are a great option. You’ll be surprised to know just how easy and economical this type of water feature can be. Whether it’s an overflowing pot, a shallow pool with a bamboo spigot, or a series of spitters, you’ll learn how, and what you need to do it.

Pond Building 101

This class covers every aspect of pond building for the do-it-yourselfer. How big do I want my pond? Will I have fish? What equipment should I include? How do I build the waterfall? Answer these questions and more in this all encompassing course.

Aquatic Plants

This class covers all you need to know regarding aquatic plants, including choosing the right plant for the right spot, dividing and transplanting, fertilization and routine maintenance.

Dividing and Transplanting Aquatic Plants Class

It’s a given that potted aquatic plants will eventually outgrown their home. Dividing, transplanting and fertilizing can give a plant that extra boost it needs to produce strong foliage and promote flowering. Learn what it takes in this comprehensive transplanting primer.

Lighting in the Pond and Garden

Enjoy your pond, garden or outdoor living space late into the evening by adding low-voltage lighting. Why not get the most out of your space? This class will cover everything you need to know to turn your space into a magical after-dark sanctuary.

Spring Pond Care Class

This class will teach you how a few simple tasks can ensure your pond is beautiful and easy to maintain all season long. We’ll cover how to clean your skimmer and bio-filter, draining and cleaning the pond, transplanting and fertilizing your plants, and maintaining your UV sterilizer. This class is a must for anyone with a pond or water feature.