Newsletter April 2013

What’s New


Believe it or not fish are ready for sale. Thinking more about foliage and flora? New and exciting plants are arriving every single day! Be it aquatic or terrestrial, we’ve got the goods. You won’t find a more unique selection anywhere in the area. To top it all off – we can source nearly any plant your heart desires. Come on in and ask.


Do you have what you need for your pond
this coming season?

Remember that UV Sterilizer bulbs typically only last about two years, even when you run them strictly during the warmer months. The light may still be glowing after a couple years but its effectiveness is scaled way back. We stock nearly every common wattage.

Have you thought about re-seeding your bio-filter? This is always a good idea in the Spring. We have a number of different ‘good bacteria’ solutions starting at just $18. Come in and talk to us. We’ll help you get that clean clear water!

All Things Good for Growing


It’s a great time to fertilize. Our Fertilizer Shed is fully stocked with a fantastic selection of fertilizers for all your growing needs. Be it roses, trees or vegetables, we’ve got the product. Our Fox Farm liquid line is $18 a quart.

And about aquatic plants you ask? We’ve got the soil, the containers, and the fertilizer. Aquatic Tabs are great for ensuring lush growth and prolific flowering. They start at $5 for a pack of 25.

We’re also very excited about our new mycorrhizal fungi. Mykos is a symbiotic microbe that connects plants with colonies of beneficial bacteria and fungi throughout the soil. It vastly increases the availability of nutrients, such as phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and all those elements necessary for plant growth and vitamin production in crops. Mykos treated plants produce far more vitamins and life-enriching minerals than non-treated plants. Mykos increase plant production of primary and secondary metabolites, resulting in large, healthy harvests. $3.75 for a 100 gram package.

Free Classes at Falling Water Gardens

Our series of free weekly classes has begun. Sunday, April 7th we will hold the Pond Building 101 Class at 1pm. This is by far our most popular and informative program.

Want to learn what it takes to build your own water garden or koi pond? Need to know how to divide your aquatic plants? Do you have any water garden or water feature related questions? Chances are one of our classes can provide you with answers. Interested in our free classes? See the schedule here. You can also see a synopsis of each class here.

Some of the Nicest Art Glass
You’ll Ever See


We have a number of fabulous locally made pieces of art glass. They’re really stunning. You’ve got to see them up close! Each is unique. The way the sun plays off these fantastic works of art is simply amazing.

Pond Cleanings

We are now scheduling pond cleanings. Would you like to be on the list? Email us through our contact form, or give us a call at (360) 863-1400. Our prices remain the same as in years past. If we have never cleaned your pond and you would like a quote, please give us a call.

What do we do for a spring pond cleaning?

• Drain and clean the pond and refill
• Check water quality, PH and ammonia levels
• Check fish health
• Check aquatic plants and move to the proper level, fertilize, and divide if necessary
• Check the pump and clean the volute
• Check the skimmer
• Start the biological filter
• Start the UV Sterilizer
• Check the auto-fill valve, lights, and other plumbing.

Most pond owners are capable of performing a pond cleaning, and we always encourage Do-it-yourselfers. However we’ve cleaned hundreds and hundreds of ponds. It’s an important part of what we do. If you are feeling up to it you may want to consult this how-to video Pond Cleaning 101.


Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

Our chickens are going like gangbusters. We’ve got eggs for sale. Just $3 a dozen! We have a huge aviary with all kinds of feathered friends. If you’ve never had fresh eggs you’re really missing out. They taste leaps and bounds better than your average grocery store egg. Come check ’em out!

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