Newsletter August 2013


koipondHow many fish is TOO MANY fish?

Of course we’d all like to maximize the number fish we can keep in our pond but keeping too many can hinder the total health of your aquatic environment.

For ponds without biological filtration that contain plants, allow 1″ of fish for every square foot of surface area. For example if your pond is roughly 5 feet by 6 feet, this would give you 30 feet of surface area or 30 inches of fish. That could potentially equal five 6″ fish. Easy right?

Ponds with biological filtration can support many more fish than the above formula. The sky is the limit really. You just don’t want them bumping into one another at every turn. Not familiar with biological filtration? Come out to Monroe and ask us about it.

planterFloating Planters

Floating planters are a great way to enjoy your aquatic plant life. They also provide surface area coverage which aids in controlling algae. We’ve got everything you need to start one. Planting it is easy as 1,2,3!

  • Choose a planter. We’ve got them in a range of sizes from 5″ to 20″.
  • Choose aquatic plants that you enjoy. There’s no wrong answer here. You can even use marginals, or plants that simply like ‘wet feet’. Make sure that you have the proper amount of room for the number and size of plants you choose.
  • Plant with light potting soil, float and enjoy!

Would you like a visual aid on planting a floating island? Check out this video.

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